Intro Folklore

As far as the ancient folklore of Sri Lanka goes, the stories of YAKKA inspired creations are indeed inspired by mythical pieces of history that are only spoken by the elders who guard the secrets of these legends up to date. They speak of a time where Yakka (devils) had a significant impact in the world unseen to the eye, causing havoc, fear & chaos among the communities, while some were known as protectors of the human race in times of need.



Raksha Clan

Raksha means “demon” and the masks are expected to hold an enchanted power intended to ward off evil. They are painted in vibrant colours, with bulging eyes and swelling tongues accompanying snakes and other enhancements as they depict various types of demons.

Raksha Masks are a mythical facet of the Kolam ritual which is performed using these masks to date, they are known as a tribute to the Rakshasas, Legend has it that these represent a race that is rumoured to have been in Sri Lanka and could assume 24 different mythical forms.


Sanni Clan

Sanni Masks represent Sanni Yakkuma, sometimes known as a traditional Sinhalese mystical exorcism ritual. The ritual consists of 18 masks, each depicting a particular illness or ailment affecting humans. These masks are said to hold otherworldly prowess.

It is commonly believed that illnesses were brought on humans by demons and these beliefs and rituals have prehistoric roots in Sri Lanka. According to folklore, the 18 demons who are depicted in the Sanni Yakkuma originated during ancient times


Kolam Clan

There are many origin stories on the KOLAM mask origins. These masks are often used in ancient forms of dancing, and comedy, while some are used in stage dramas or rituals to ward off evil spirits. Furthermore, there are theories that the tradition stems from a set of ancient rites, while its many animal characters indicate its roots in the animistic, animal spirit rites. KOLAM masks represent a fusion of archaic belief systems that predates written literature.



  1. To become a leading project that focuses on community development and real life utility applications with numerous use cases.
  2. Thousands of collectors holding and appreciating the art, talent, and passion behind these mystical pieces of a fading sculptural artform
  3. To have Thousands of households with a professional print, or an actual Sculptural mask hung on their wall representing their NFT
  4. Thousands of collectors using both our physical and NFT based merchandise
  5. Being an example for future collections, where the art and community building is at forefront of the project

Strategy & Key Features

  1. Connecting both digital and physical art through rewards, gifts, collaborations, events, special excursions in exotic destinations
  2. Giving back to the community by way of donations, professional assistance for growth and sustainability
  3. Community events, rewards, virtual & physical interactions, travel & hospitality rewards, raffles, and more benefits for holders
  4. Downloadable content, Full ownership of your NFTs (High resolution images, 3D animations, and more)
  5. All 6,666 pieces in the collection will be up for grabs by the entire NFT community through minting, trading & airdrops
  6. A team of highly reputed designers,developers and partner companies with a long term vision with a focus on sustainability & interoperability



There will only be 666 3D LIVE MASKS available for airdrops, so make sure to complete your collections early to Qualify for the airdrop

Collect 10 or more RAKSHA / SANNI or KOLAM masks = Get 1 random ANIMATED 3D LIVE YAKKA mask airdropped for free!


Creating Positive change in the society

What we believe is that NFTs can not only be a creative property to own, but when used for the right causes, it can bring about positive outcomes in societies and livelihoods. We believe that Cardano’s vision and long-term mission goes hand in hand with the projects we are looking to do with the YAKKA CNFTs, paving way into uniting communities and empowering a better future through sustainable development. We hope to achieve this by

  • Raising the global awareness to this fading cultural creative art form

  • Helping the existing creative community uplift their livelihoods through a portion of the funds raised through the NFT sales

  • Ultimately using Cardano blockchain to help solve real world problems and help build Communities through sustainable development.

Community service & sustainable development

After sale completion of 50% of the collection, YAKKA CNFT team is dedicating a portion of all funds raised through the sale of the NFTs to help the community who continue to follow this fading art form in Sri Lanka. We will go to the depths of this creative community and find out their issues and help deserving individuals and groups of families who engage in creating these masks.

We hope to provide them equipment, financial assistance and marketing support to build their livelihood and make this art form which has lasted over generations live on for generations ahead long after us and we hope to bring each and everyone of you who hold a YAKKA CNFT along on the journey and make you a part of the sustainable development projects carried out through the proceeds of the project..