Long term Hodler Benefits

Merchandise Store

Hodlers of LIVE YAKKA masks have the opportunity to use the NFTs to claim an original wooden Mask of choice carved by the traditional local communities who still engage in this ancient form of art which inspired this collection of NFTs. These can be redeemed through the merchandise store launching in Fall 2023. The masks will be shipped to the provided address of the hodler, no matter where in the world you are, You get to own this unique piece of history. More exciting info to be announced soon.

Exclusive Elite Hodler

The exclusive hodlers of the elusive Maha Kola Sanni 3D Animated Live Mask, Original Maru Raksha 3D Animated Live Mask and Maha Sammatha 3D Animated Live Mask will stand a chance to win a fully sponsored 1 week vacation stay in the island nation of Sri Lanka, and get to visit the original mask carving villages and witness the sacred cultural ritual of “Daha ata Sanniya'' known as the 18 devils dance performed live at a mystical location along with a host of other excursions and rewards. To be announced during summer 2024.

Passive Rewards Generator.

Holders of YAKKA masks will be entitled to a portion of rewards generated from future collections launched by us. These will be in the form of NFT drops / Token drops which could be used for staking or cashing out as you prefer.

So you are not only buying one of the most unique NFT’s that has real life utility applications, goodwill and benefits, but also you will be an owner of an asset that generates rewards & value over a long period of time.